Woodford Student Art Show

Artworks created by Woodford students in Fall 2019 during Field Trips to Kennedy Heights Arts Center

During the Fall of 2019, students from Woodford Paideia visited the Kennedy Heights Arts Center on Field Studies where they received a guided tour of an exhibition, talked with an artist or curator, and created their own artwork inspired by the exhibit. 

This online gallery is a celebration of all the students' hard work and creativity! Read below about the different exhibits the students saw, and what artworks they made in reflection of those shows.

Tiger Lily Press

40th Anniversary Exhibition

In this exhibit, the members of Tiger Lily Press, Cincinnati's only public printmaking studio, celebrated 40 years of making prints with an exhibition of work from the studio's past and present. Members Theresa Kuhr, Joan Effertz, and Louann Elliot gave a tour of the show, discussed and demonstrated different printmaking techniques, and explained their own art pieces in the show. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the various tools used to make a variety of prints. 

Inspired by the collagraph prints in the exhibition, art educator Beth Boswell had students create their own collagraph plates to make their own prints. Students learned how to layer materials to create different textures and how to ink and press a print. 

Prints created by students in these classes: 

 Pryor (1st Grade), Ricks (1st Grade), Jones (2nd Grade), Walker (2nd Grade), Albright (4th Grade),

Sublett (4th Grade)

You Are My Sister


Curated by fiber artist Carole Gary Staples, You Are My Sister is an exhibit celebrating the diversity and solidarity of like-minded women of all different races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, nationalities, education, and socioeconomic levels. Commenting on many social injustices that women face, this show is a visual representation of the empowerment and strength that can come from unifying voices. Carol gave a tour of the show, explained the importance of understanding and valuing differences among people, and led students through a process of creating their own self portraits.

Inspired by the self portrait quilts in the exhibition, artist Carol Gary Staples had students create their own self portrait quilt squares out of paper, fabric, and embellishments to show how they view themselves. 

Self portraits created by students in these classes: 

Stefani (Kindergarten), Stevens (Kindergarten), Hehemann (3rd Grade), Saddler (3rd Grade)

Voices from Lebanon


Curated by Saad Ghosn (SOS ART), this exhibition featured prints by 19 contemporary printmakers from Lebanon and Arab artists living in Lebanon. They use their artwork as their voice and communication tool to reflect on the cultural, social, and political issues they face. In addition to its own social and political problems, Lebanon is a country which reflects the social and political upheavals of the entire Middle East, including crises in neighboring countries. Saad Ghosn gave students a tour of this exhibition and explained his own art pieces in the show.

Inspired by the various expressions of identity in the exhibition, art educator Beth Boswell guided students through a contemplative project that incorporated watercolor and text to create a self portrait. 

Self portraits created by students in these classes: 

Kassie (5th Grade), Nobles (6th Grade), Woolverton (6th Grade)

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